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Making Trails create bespoke art trails for councils, towns, cities, organisations and events. Enjoyed by thousands and raising large sums for charity, we believe that art brings people together and installs positive changes in the communities they touch.
Trails encourage tourism and allow locals to be tourists in their own town. They can highlight important events and areas, allow targeted footfall, boost the local economy and cultivate a sense of civic pride. 

Home: Welcome


lego swan
mirror swan
bee sculpture
Fellumpa and Warthalls.jpg
National Memorial Arboretum inteactive arch
swan and carousel horse
Character sculptures
inteactive sculpture
carousel horse - disco
Home: Welcome

We design and create trails that are accessible for towns and organisations, and can attract sponsorship from SMEs as well as larger businesses. Our relief sculptures are created from a recycled, reformed plastic, taking material that would otherwise end up in landfill and turning it into art. We are also developing fully 3D sculptures. Once you’ve chose between relief or full 3D styles, we design and make all the blank sculptures ready for painting by emerging and established artists. They are typically selfie height, to encourage public interactions and to make sure they leave a lasting impression. We encourage the use of local talent throughout the trail from businesses involved behind the scenes, to the artists who design and paint the sculptures. We research each site on our trails, provide inspiration points to our artists at the design stage and work closely with local groups to ensure that local history, heritage and culture are weaved into each trail.Arts trails are not just limited to painted sculptures and can include music, poetry, story, puppetry and performance trails. We are equipped to deliver them all. 


Everything you need to design, produce and manage a successful art trail. 
For a sculpture trail, this would include: 
Sculpture design, your bundle of sculptures, installation, maintenance and repair of all sculptures throughout the trail.
Website and app development, graphic design, video marketing, copywriting and social media management.
Event production and management including (but not limited to) sponsor’s evenings, design exhibition, launch event, farewell event and auction. Artist, sponsors and contributor management. Community engagement workshops, where we produce smaller versions of your main sculptures and work with schools and community groups to decorate them.

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